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Brickwork Contractors in Watford & Harrow

Watford and Harrow are renowned for their beautiful and striking architecture, much of which is of significant historical interest. Whether you would like to see brickwork, blockwork or stonework architecture built, replaced or repaired for your residence or business in Watford or Harrow, we can carry out the job to a high standard.

Why Abbey Brickwork?

We have the flexibility to ensure that a range of specific needs can be met. Whether you seek labour, plant and materials, labour and sundry materials or just labour, we can conduct a professional job. Our brickwork projects can include new homes and fireplaces, while we can use high-quality natural stone, granite or marble for internal or external stonework.

Watford & Harrow are both architecturally fascinating

The Hertfordshire town and borough of Watford has developed over many centuries, resulting in a wide array of historical buildings including St Mary’s Church, the construction of which began in the twelfth century. Overall, Watford is home to 92 nationally listed buildings.

Harrow is also resplendent in architectural heritage. This borough in northwest London includes the conservation area of Harrow on the Hill, where there are many listed buildings including Georgian and seventeenth-century examples. In adding new architecture, our brickwork, blockwork and stonework contractors in Watford and Harrow habitually consider the surrounding scenery.

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