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Transformation Ideas For Your Home This Spring

Posted on: April 28th, 2018 by admin No Comments

You’ve probably noticed more rays of sunshine trickling through your home’s windows – and you would have the recent advent of spring to thank for that. The seasonal warmth makes now a good time to carry out home improvements, particular outdoors – but which would be the best ideas?

Best Brickwork Ideas?

Naturally, it’s a matter of personal preference. However, if the spring warmth has often led you to leave the house to better enjoy it, then the best brickwork ideas could include a new patio on which to regularly walk. Our own brickwork specialists could secure that patio in place for you.

However, as you walk outside, you might catch sight of visible damage to your exterior brickwork. This can be an all too real possibility when winter has only just left us. Harsh winter weather might have led water and moisture to enter surface cracks before freezing and thawing there.

Stonework & Blockwork Ideas

This process can result in the brickwork breaking to a previously unforeseen degree. However, we can replace damaged bricks with new ones or, if you prefer, blocks of concrete or cement, which is especially thermally efficient. Having such blocks fitted is one of many blockwork ideas to consider.

As for stonework ideas worth mulling over, those include arranging for us to install natural stone floors. We could also place flagstones or paving stones in your garden to form steps. We can advise you on the options if you phone us on 020 8088 0367.

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